My laboratory

My Laboratory

The antrum of my experiments from hacking to the phase of making, thus I will try to stimulate your inventiveness in the age of the Internet of things (IoT).

Intranet Control Operator Box

  • icoBox

I've built a didactic experimental IoT for you. I'd like to share with anyone who is ready to achieve this idea. This object is ready to be used in your Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network. It  works with MQTT protocol and can be used with various clouds and on-premise brokers. You can download the firmware to load on Arduino MKR1000 and the masters to bild printed circuit boards.

firmware icoBox ver. 0.9

MD5: e7e11dd07ee20ec41979f5bdbbea9779

master c.s. ver. 0.9

The bill of matirial is available on this. To load the firmware, I suggest you visit my video archive.

The sketch uses 108696 byte on 262144 byte (41%) of the available space for programs.

If you should need further advice or help in building it, feel free to contact me.

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