Server Room


Design and implementation of electronic devices as well as heterogeneous and convergent telematic networks. Consultance and lectures on the most popular operating systems and software development languages.

Remote Assistance
I install and configure software standard, help desk of 1° e 2° level, develop and test di applications, ecc..

ICT Support Technician
I work on the most popular operating systems, including storage and networking. I have acknowledged sound experience even in large cluster environments.

ICT Support Engineer
I work in managing information and communication infrastructure in on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Full Stack Developers (DevSecOps)
I work on implementing application software in various types of programming languages.

On-the-job Training (OJT)
I train other colleagues about installation and support in root case analysis of issues.

Solutions Architect
Advice on strategies and remedies of the most innovative solutions, and contexts always up-to-date and in keeping with the market.

Senior System Administrator
I work on various types of platforms and implement a system integration among them.

Senior Software Engineer
I work in problem solving concerning both software end hardware applications.

Industrial Engineer
Preliminary design and complete implementation of data centers and advanced software solutions.

Senior Project Manager
I work in coordinating other colleagues to achieve the established goals and thriving projects under my surveillance and constant incentive. I work to achieve it according to the project and by on time Lean Manufacturing methodogy. All activities need to be carried out so that the project be guaranteed to the customers.

Cyber Security
Appraisals, measurements and testing of electronic equipment, telematic networks and computer systems of any kind and degree of complexity. Computer security audits and vulnerability assessments.

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