Adviser in Information Communication Technology

I'm a freelance registered with the Industrial Experts and Roll of Graduates in the province of Pescara (n° 562) since January 20th 2000, channeling my energy and preparation in electronics and information technology to improve both their efficiency, automation and communication.

My goal is to keep on working in the continuously evolving electronic technological sector as well as in computer science and ICT, with the aim of increasing my personal skills and knowledge, enriching it with new experience, in an always competitive and engaging branch.

Professional experience

  • Innovation Manager


    having to carry out both analytical and organizational skills to carry out, my task is always to perform it to my utmost best.

  • Aptar Group Inc.


    being part of the IS infrastracture team, building and managing two Global Data Centers.

  • eTeam


    Co-operation with a group of experts has been implemented to focus our energy on improving services to companies.

  • RG Computer


    Computer engineering, programming and network designer at Local Internet Registry Serice Provider.

  • Freelance


    supporting professionally various types of companies.

    My frist web site
  • Quasar


    setting up and running a company with other technicians of the sector to provide research and development to computer enterprises.

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